The Power of Paint! Distressed Dining Room Cabinet

There a few things a coat of paint can’t fix, and old furniture is one of them! I had been wanting an elegant dining room cabinet ever since we were married, but holy cow are cabinets expensive!!! We were very lucky to receive this wonderful piece from family friends and I was ecstatic to begin transforming it to fit in with our dining room. 🙂


What You Will Need

  • Sanding Block
  • Primer (Either spray paint or canned)
  • Paint brush and/or paint roller
  • Polyurethane
  • New hardware if desired
  • Screwdriver
  • Drop cloth
  • Painter’s tape

recoveryThe Process 

1.) Remove All Hardware and Layout the Pieces: Start by unscrewing all hardware and hinges from any doors. I like to use plastic baggies to keep all the little pieces in, so I remember where everything goes. Layout any drawers or doors onto drop cloths in your work area.

2.) Sand the Furniture: Give each piece a good sanding with your sanding block (about 30-60 sec per side). This gives the wood a nice rough surface for the paint adhere to. Wipe the wood clean with a damp cloth and let dry.

3.) Prime: Either spray or paint each piece with a thin even coat of primer. For any doors, paint once side, let dry per paint instructions, and then turn over to paint the other side. Once the primer has completely dried, ‘lightly’ re-sand each surface and wipe down with a damp cloth.

4.) Paint: Follow same process as with primer and paint each surface evenly with either spray or canned paint. I chose to use a sea blue as the background color for my cabinet to tie it in with our buffet table. This may take one or two coats depending on the paint and color. Let dry completely.

5.) Distress!!: This is the fun part! Take your sanding block and sand any areas you would like to give a distressed look. This is definitely an example where less is more! Try to follow area which would receive natural wear over time (drawers and doors, corner ect.). Wipe away any sand dust with a damp cloth.

5.) Seal with Polyurethane: I personally prefer the sock method for this application! It helps to ensure there won’t be any bubbles in the top coat. Give the polyurethane a good stir per product directions and partially dip a sock into it, the same way you would a paint brush. Lightly wipe the polyurethane on the surface of each piece and let dry.

6.) Reattach your hinges and any new/old hardware you are using and you’re done!! A beautiful piece of furniture for a fraction of the designer price tag!

Enjoy! 🙂


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