Wedding Family Tree

Some of the first questions people seem to ask you when you tell them you’re engaged are, “so, what are your colors?” and “what is your theme??”…theme,colors??? ummm…I don’t know!? The theme will be matrimony and I’ll be the one in white down in front!

If you can’t tell, wedding planning was definitely not one of my fortes. Luckily, we had an incredible support system of friends and family that made it easy.  Out of all the personal details that went into our wedding, one of my favorites was the wedding family tree. Family is very important to Dan and I, so to have a way to showcase all the generations of love that make us, ‘us’ was really special.

Wedding Tree

This project was so much fun!! Digging through old scrapbooks from relatives and listening to stories, I learned so much about all sides of our families.  I gathered photographs for a few months leading up to the big day, and displayed all the images in frames with the couple’s names and year they were married, behind our guest book.  Afterwards, I included all the images in the cover of our wedding album, so that I’d have them forever.  If you want a simple, yet very personal way to incorporate your family into the wedding, this is a great idea.

It was so much fun to see how far back we could trace our families!

It was so much fun to see how far back we could trace our families!

What You will Need

  • Family Wedding Photos
  • Frames
  • Labels or place cards

mom's family

**Note: This idea would also work wonderfully for a family reunion or anniversary!

Collect Wedding Photos.

It was easiest to take pictures of the photos with my camera phone, and then send them to the drugstore to be printed.  The quality turned out great, and it helped to avoid removing any pictures form delicate frames or scrapbooks.

My grandparents on my mom's side

My grandparents on my mom’s side

Dan's grandparents on his dad's side

Dan’s grandparents on his dad’s side

Frame & Label

I found the best place to find affordable frames was the dollar store. Anywhere  you can save some money during wedding planning, I consider a win!  The dollar store that my mom and I visited had a great selection to choose from, with all different size frames. I labeled each photo with a place card that included the couple’s names and year they were married.

Photo by Spottswood Photography

Photo by Spottswood Photography

Have fun, enjoy the stories, and have a wonderful wedding day! 🙂


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