How to Remove White Spots from Furniture

Before (1)

I was pretty skeptical that this would work. How can an iron, a cotton towel, and some oil really take out the gigantic white heat stain that’s been sitting on our dining room table for the last two months?? (For the record, never assume a cardboard pizza round is an appropriate replacement for a trivet!)

Yuck!! This white stain had been an eyesore for months!

Yuck!! This white stain had been an eyesore for months!

After doing some internet research a.k.a pinteresting, (and finally admitting I couldn’t take another day of camouflaging our beautiful wood table under a mountain of placemats) I found this tutorial by Tipnut, grabbed my iron, and got to work!!

Let me tell you, I am a believer!! This process worked like magic! The whole thing took me less than 5 minutes, and afterwards you couldn’t even tell the stain was there to begin with!! If you’ve been hiding those white heat stains under table cloths, or worried that you’d have to buy a new table, fear not! This method works!

What You Will Need

  • Iron with steam capabilities
  • Thin white towel (I used a gym towel)
  • Oil (I used the olive oil that was sitting on our kitchen counter)

The Process

1.) Set your iron to steam on a low temperature and let it heat up. Once the iron is ready, cover the stain with the towel and begin to slowly iron over the mark. It took me about 30 seconds of alternating between steaming and lifting up the towel every few seconds to check the progress, before the stain lifted.


2.) Once the stain is lifted, immediately pat dry any remaining moisture and rub the spot with oil to seal.

Our table!  No more white spots!!! :D

Our table after I finished! No more white spots!!! 😀

That’s it!! I would love to see how this process works for you in the comments!

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