I’m Michelle, also known as the Inky Pinky.  I’m a twenty-something newlywed living outside Milwaukee, WI, and I love DIY projects! My husband and I recently bought our first house, and we’re beginning the incredible and nerve-racking adventure of becoming first-time homeowners.


This blog is a combination of home projects, recipes, and stories as we work to make the ‘Little Pink House’ into our home.  To learn more about our ‘Little Pink House’ click here.

A Little About Myself…

When I’m not blogging, I work in retail product development.  I love running, traveling, taking our dog Walter for walks,  reading, and watching far too many Netflix movies with my husband. 🙂PD all photo

Why Inky Pinky?

A.) I’m left-handed, a lefty, south paw, ect. Growing up, I could never finish a project in elementary school without a giant marker stain covering my pinky as I dragged my hand across the page.  I’ve always enjoyed the small challenge of learning to do things a little differently. This blog pays tribute to that.  My DIY projects are not always perfection….occasionally new methods have to be tried, designs fail, and new ideas are tested. I eventually find the result I want, sometimes it just involves a few more smudges on the paper and some extra ink on the hands. 🙂



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