Chocolate Banana Babka Bread


If you have not tried chocolate babka, you are missing out! It’s a traditional Eastern European Jewish twisted yeast bread filled with rolls of cinnamon and chocolate and topped with streusel. Are you salivating yet?? It’s spectacular. I’d even go as far as to say it’s life changing. The only downside to babka is that is takes FOREVER to make it, and patience is not always one of my virtues.

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Easy Peasy Monkey Bread

It’s Easter time again! I love Easter.  No matter how unspring-like the Midwest can seem this time of year, Easter bursts in with bright colors, beautiful flowers, and chocolate of course :), to let us know that no matter how cold it is now (we had snow in the forecast last week!), warmth is coming soon!  This year, Dan and I went over to my parents’ for church and then gathered around the breakfast table for the Frazier holiday tradition of bacon, eggs, and monkey bread!



If you have not yet discovered monkey bread, let me enlighten you! Small biscuits of dough are rolled in cinnamon & sugar, placed in a bundt pan, topped with more cinnamon, sugar, and butter, and baked to golden perfection….is your mouth watering yet??  My family found this particular recipe when we lived in Yardley, Pennsylvania in the town’s recipe book, and we have been making it for every holiday since.  Store bought biscuits makes it super quick to prepare, and little kids will love helping to roll the dough in the sugar mixture, making it a perfect go-to family recipe!  I hope you will enjoy this monkey bread as much as we do!

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