Newspaper Wedding Program

When it came to creating our wedding program, I had three goals: create something that would be memorable, unique, and keep guests engaged during our Catholic ceremony…super easy, right??!

Photo by Spottswood Photography

Photo by Spottswood Photography

After lots of searching, I found inspiration in this creative pamphlet by Off Beat Bride.  I loved the idea of having something fun, sincere, and just a little silly that would let our personalities show through! 🙂

Photo by

Photo by

Now that I found my Muse, the next step was to expand the idea to include the voices of our entire wedding party; after all, they are some of the most important people in our lives!  Add some bios, the story of how we met, a tribute, and far too much time spent at Office Max, and the Wedding Day Post was born!

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Wedding Family Tree

Some of the first questions people seem to ask you when you tell them you’re engaged are, “so, what are your colors?” and “what is your theme??”…theme,colors??? ummm…I don’t know!? The theme will be matrimony and I’ll be the one in white down in front!

If you can’t tell, wedding planning was definitely not one of my fortes. Luckily, we had an incredible support system of friends and family that made it easy.  Out of all the personal details that went into our wedding, one of my favorites was the wedding family tree. Family is very important to Dan and I, so to have a way to showcase all the generations of love that make us, ‘us’ was really special.

Wedding Tree

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Easy Peasy Monkey Bread

It’s Easter time again! I love Easter.  No matter how unspring-like the Midwest can seem this time of year, Easter bursts in with bright colors, beautiful flowers, and chocolate of course :), to let us know that no matter how cold it is now (we had snow in the forecast last week!), warmth is coming soon!  This year, Dan and I went over to my parents’ for church and then gathered around the breakfast table for the Frazier holiday tradition of bacon, eggs, and monkey bread!



If you have not yet discovered monkey bread, let me enlighten you! Small biscuits of dough are rolled in cinnamon & sugar, placed in a bundt pan, topped with more cinnamon, sugar, and butter, and baked to golden perfection….is your mouth watering yet??  My family found this particular recipe when we lived in Yardley, Pennsylvania in the town’s recipe book, and we have been making it for every holiday since.  Store bought biscuits makes it super quick to prepare, and little kids will love helping to roll the dough in the sugar mixture, making it a perfect go-to family recipe!  I hope you will enjoy this monkey bread as much as we do!

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Painting Laminate Furniture: TV Stand Upgrade

Let me start by saying that I don’t advocate going out of your way to obtain laminate furniture to refinish. Laminate is usually composed of cheap particle board covered in a layer of paper or plastic that has a wood grain pattern.   The surface does not take well to paint, may bubble if not applied correctly, and cannot be stained.  That being said, when you’re still suck with that cheap TV stand that you bought for college, but now doesn’t go with ANYTHING you own, painting can be a inexpensive alternative, and here’s how to do it correctly!


TV Stand: Before & After

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Giant Jenga! The Easiest Lawn Game You’ll Ever Make!

I’m not sure if this was a midwest thing, but going to middle school in the early 2000s (back when my life revolved around mix CDs, Harry Potter, and AIM), every kid knew how to play jenga!  You know, that party game you’ve seen commercials for where each player tries to stack the little blocks on top of each other, without the whole thing falling over. We played it a recess, there was school jenga club, and if kids could have snap-chatted at that time, my phone would’ve been filled with images of those silly wooden blocks…Well, imagine amplifying those blocks to the size of 2x4s and creating a tower that is half the height of a person!…now that’s a party game, and for under $20 it’s super easy to make too!!


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Chalkboard Frames

I love to play with chalk! Growing up with three brothers, our driveway was always covered in our latest masterpieces during the summer, and I carried that same love for the pigmented powder into adulthood.

This is why I was so excited when I first learned about chalkboard paint!! Although skeptical at first, this stuff is AMAZING! The simple application, quick dry time, and versatility, make it easy to turn almost any surface into a canvas. Combined with my frugal love for all things secondhand, I transformed some cheap Goodwill artwork into framed chalkboards, which I’ve used as backyard scoreboards, kitchen wall art, and even greeting signs at our wedding ( I wasn’t kidding when I said I covered everything with this stuff! 😉  If you’re looking for a fun, cheap way to get in on the chalkboard rage that’s taken over pinterest, look no further!


Photo by Spottswood Photography


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Bookcase Garden

I feel like this post needs some explaining.  Two years ago, I lived in downtown Milwaukee in this beautiful apartment with a private rooftop deck…I know, it was pretty much the bomb! I loved it, it was amazing, and the perfect place to have friends over and enjoy some sunshine!  The only downside was that I desperately wanted a garden, and as a renter I needed to think of a cheap creative way to create a temporary garden that could easily be removed whenever I moved out.


Enter the wooden bookcase I found abandoned on the side of an alley!! Yes, I am that person who will steal abandoned furniture from the dumpster: reduce, reuse, recycle, right?? Anyway, with some strategic planning and A LOT of heavy lifting, I was able to get the entire bookshelf and all of the soil/mulch up to the top of my building! Add some plants and patience, and I was left with a simple garden I could be proud of!

If you have the need for a temporary garden, or just don’t know what to do with that bookcase you mistakenly bought on craigslist, here is a solution. 🙂

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